Kurs og webinarer innen ernæring

Kurs og webinarer innen ernæring
Patient ventilated ICU

Baxter Nordic ICU Webinar

To be confirmed. Planned for week 45

To be announced

Welcome to a scientific webinar where nutritional support with focus on protein in the ICU setting will be discussed. 


Coming soon


HEROS webinars

HELPING EMPOWER RECOVERY – the Online Series (HEROS).  In collaboration with practitioners from around the world Baxter has developed a series of webinars highlighting the nutritional challenges of the COVID-19 patient.


NNA - The Nordic Nutrition Academy

NNA is the education program for doctors, nurses or dietitians interested in disease-related malnutrition and research. The goal is to increase skills in nutritional issues within health care and research, to create networks between experienced and less experienced clinicians/researchers, and to integrate clinical work with research.


Les innbydelsen til NNA